Specialist installers of seismic restraints

Skilled quality assurance and inspection of work

Seismic restraints for non-structural building parts & furnishings

Protecting People and Prosperity

Install seismic restraints inside your buildings and save lives, protect property and ensure life-saving equipment is available following any disaster.

New build or retrofit, our cost saving seismic restraint solutions for non-structural building elements will ensure you are code compliant and get you back to business quickly after an earthquake.

Know Your Risks

Did you know around 70 - 80% of the total repair cost to a building after an earthquake is usually due to damage from falling objects?

While the structural soundness of buildings is often first priority - securing internal dangers is just as important to protect your people and business. Their safety is in your hands 

To help you know your risk and take the first steps towards strengthening your business, we've created this simple checklist to download.

Building resilience

Identifying potential quake risks in your work environment empowers you to make better decisions to improve your business's safety and resilience.

Schedule a visit from one of our team. We can identify your risk, assess potential dangers and recommend seismic solutions that will suit your business. 

Over 160 buildings have been Quake Protected to date

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