Specialist installers of seismic restraints

Skilled quality assurance and inspection of work

Quickening recovery after an earthquake by protecting people and property from harm

When a quake hits, the greatest risk to people and property is falling objects. 

Air conditioning units, piping, cable trays, ducting and other non-structural elements hang above ceilings and, if not restrained, fall at the first jolt of a major earthquake. 

Our team of skilled specialist installers work nationwide installing non-structural seismic restraints that keep these objects in place when the ground shakes, reducing the risk of personal injury and property damage. 

Less damage means less clean-up reducing costly business interruption and relocation disruption.

Know your risks

When an earthquake strikes, even the most harmless objects can become dangerous.

During the 2010/2011 Canterbury and 2016 Kaikoura unrestrained and poorly restrained non-structural objects caused a devastating level of damage:  

Seismic resilience

By identifying potential quake risks in your work environment, you are empowered to make better decisions to improve your business's safety and resilience.

Schedule a visit from one of our team. We can identify your risk, assess potential dangers and recommend seismic solutions that will suit your business. 


Quake Protected install bracing on suspended ceilings and partition walls that mitigate the risk of failure plus comply with building code requirements and ceiling manufacturers warranties.

Quake Protected install flexible seismic restraints that significantly reduce the risk of Air Conditioning Units, Grills & Ducting Seismic Restraint from falling and causing damage in a quake. 

Quake Protected install robust, flexible seismic restraints that significantly reduce and protect you from  pipe damage and flooding after a quake

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