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Protect staff, customers and valuable equipment from seismic risk

Earthquakes in New Zealand are inevitable; earthquake injuries and damage are not

Installing seismic restraints will help to protect you, your staff, customers and property when the next earthquake hits, making you more resilient and able to recover more quickly. 

Seismic bracing of non-structural elements and building contents will: 

  • Protect staff and customers from falling, shifting or toppling equipment and furnishings.
  • Keep egress routes clear 
  • Reduce repair and replacement costs of valuable equipment
  • Ensure a quicker return to work and everyday life 
  • Strengthen your business and community


Did you know 70 - 80% of the total repair cost to a building after an earthquake is caused by damage from falling building contents?

Reduce these costs with seismic bracing. Install seismic restraints.

All sorts of business are benefiting from being Quake Protected

Our non-structural restraint solutions are particularly effective for the following business types. View our solutions and learn more about case studies using Quake Protected non-structural seismic restraint installation services. 

Quake Protected install bracing on suspended ceilings and partition walls that mitigate the risk of failure plus comply with building code requirements and ceiling manufacturers warranties.

Quake Protected install flexible seismic restraints that significantly reduce the risk of HVAC equipment, Lighting Fixtures and Cable Trays from falling and causing damage in a quake. 

Quake Protected install robust, flexible seismic restraints that significantly reduce and protect you from  pipe damage and flooding after a quake

160 buildings in New Zealand have had correctly installed non-structural seismic restraints since 2016. Be next.

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