Why earthquake strengthening inside your building is important

In less than 50 seconds a Lower Hutt office is devastated by the shaking of a 7.8 earthquake in Wellington on 14 November, 20016. It is nearly midnight and the office is empty. Thankfully no one is injured by the falling debris.

Lower Hutt is 160 km north of Kaikoura, the earthquake's centre.

Imagine the levels of injury and destruction if the earthquake had happened during a work day in an office near the centre of the earthquake. 

Look up!

Falling building parts in your workplace are a hazard. They:

Put People's Safety at Risk
Damage from falling objects such as ceilings, ducts, pipes and other non structural building elements poses a significant risk to human safety. The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015 contains requirements for building owners and business owners to provide a safe working environment and prepare for earthquakes. 

Are Costly to Replace 

Over 50% of the cost associated with the recent Christchurch Earthquakes, now estimated at over $40 billion has been attributed to non structural damages.

A report in the Canterbuty Earthquakes Royal Commission estimates that every building in Canterbury region received non structural damage of some kind during the 2010-11 CAnterbury earthquake.

In particular damage to suspended ceilings was estimated to have affected 10-15% of all commercial buildings in the region.

Significantly impact the time needed before returning to business
The damage caused to non structural elements in Wellington BNZ building in 2016  resulted in closure of the building for 18 months before the bank decided it needed to move premises.

You can fix this!

Schedule an earthquake safety audit today and we will

  • Identify potentially harmful nonstructural elements in your workplace
  • Assess the likelihood of these elements being harmful to people and your business during an earthquake 
  • Recommend a range of possible solutions to minimize the risk to your staff and business (if required).

The Audit includes a site visit of 1-2 hours, depending of size of workplace, a written report with photographs and illustrations highlighting potential issues and suggested robust and trusted solutions based on best practice

Plus a follow-up meeting to discuss options moving forward

Find out more here.

Quake Protected – Specialist Non-Structural Seismic Restraint Installers

Quake Protected installs non-structural seismic restraints in work environments so that potential falling hazards,  like suspended ceilings, lighting racks, partition walls, computers and specialist equipment, stay in place during an earthquake.

These cost-saving solutions save people from harm, protect vital equipment and minimise the time it takes for you to get back to business.

Contact the Quake Protected team today by email or call 0800 537 369.


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