Becoming earthquake prepared is child's play with Te Papa and EQC's Minecraft Mod "ShakerMod"

Vengeful bunnies and skeleton horses may not be traditional learning tools, but a new mod for the computer game Minecraft is using them to teach important lessons about earthquake safety.

“ShakerMod” has been developed by Te Papa in Wellington, in partnership with the Earthquake Commission (EQC), to help kids learn to “Fix, Fasten and Don’t Forget.”

Within the game, kids fix and fasten objects, then simulate earthquakes at different magnitudes. When the quakes are triggered, players see and hear the shaking, and watch as objects smash or survive depending on their earthquake-proofing skills. 

“Educating the next generations of New Zealanders around natural disaster awareness and preparedness is a vital step towards a safer and more resilient New Zealand.  That’s why our partnership with Te Papa, and the launch of the Earthquake Encounters programme, is so important,” says EQC General Manager Resilience, Dr Hugh Cowan.

“Having ShakerMod available for free download means this fun learning experience will be available to thousands of New Zealanders.”

So go on, have a go! 

Our Checklist of Potential Hazards You Can Fix might not help you in ShakerMod, but having played the game, it might change how you look at your work space.

The game can be played at Te Papa as part of its earthquake education programme, Earthquake Encounters, or downloaded to play at home or at school (users need to have a license for the Minecraft game).

Feel free to call us with questions on 0800 537 369. 

We're experts in seismic restraints and fixings (not bunnies.)

Quake Protected are Specialist Installers of Non-Structural Seismic Restraint

Quake Protected installs non-structural seismic restraints in work environments so that potential falling hazards,  like suspended ceilings, lighting racks, partition walls, computers and specialist equipment, stay in place during an earthquake.

These cost-saving solutions save people from harm, protect vital equipment and minimise the time it takes for you to get back to business.

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