This Month in Seismic - Tax Breaks, AI and Insurance

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Tax breaks for quake strengthening raised

Tax deductions for people who strengthen their buildings against earthquakes has been raised as a possibility in a government working group tax report.

Building owners have complained they can't afford seismic strengthening which can cost millions of dollars.

The interim report from the government's Tax Working Group (GTWG) pointed out deductions may be claimed if a building collapses in an earthquake, but no deductions can be claimed on expenditure that will stop a building from collapsing.

The report said the group is still considering its position on the issue.

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Insurance based on individual risk is 'nothing new' for commercial buildings, the Insurance Council says.

Home owners in higher-risk areas are experiencing huge hikes to their insurance premiums due to earthquake, raising questions about the way commercial risk will be calculated in the future. 

The Insurance Council's initial response was that premiuns based on individual risk is nothing new for commercial buildings. 

However, when asked if insurers would refuse to insure certain commercial properties, Insurance Council chief executive Tim Grafton said if a property was below 34 per cent of the New Building Standard "I wouldn't be surprised if you would get refused by a number of insurers".

Grafton said his message to property owners was to be aware of the multiple risks their buildings faced and their obligations.

Two critical issues for commercial property owners were systemic problems with deficient passive fire construction and many buildings not complying with non-structural seismic restraints.
Both put life and property at risk.

"My message to the property owners is to say well it is your building and actually you have an obligation that goes well beyond your own property."

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Artificial intelligence can now predict where aftershocks will strike following large earthquakes.

Researchers at Harvard University with Google developed an artificial intelligence system (AI) capable of forecasting aftershocks from earthquakes. 

Stanford physicist Gregory Beroza said while the method was promising, it's still early days.

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Quake Protected – Specialist Non-Structural Seismic Restraint Installers

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