Fire Sprinkler and Piping Seismic Restraints

Fire Sprinkler and Piping Seismic Restraint Installers

During an earthquake, burst sprinkler pipes can flood your building and cause huge water damage. The shear weight and density of these pipes would also be incredibly dangerous if they were to fall on someone below.

Your sprinkler systems should be seismically restrained at the connection points, connections to equipment, and where free swaying of the pipe may damage other building damage elements.

Earthquake damage to piping in ceiling, Wellington, NZ, 2016

Earthquake damage to piping in ceiling, Wellington, NZ, 2016

Next steps

  • You can check your fire sprinklers and piping are seismically restrained by carefully removing a tile and looking up. 
  • Once there, make sure there is a flexible wire securing the elements to overhead structures. They should not be attached to the suspended ceiling.
  • If you do not see seismic restraints or are concerned the restraints are not fitted properly, contact an expert to assess your earthquake risk, recommend solutions according to best practice, and in compliance with NZ Building Code.

How can we help?

We offer a free Earthquake Safety Audit which includes a site visit of 1-2 hours, depending on size of workplace, a written report with photographs and illustrations highlighting potential issues and suggested robust and trusted solutions based on best practice

Our no nonsense approach has been developed in partnership with a specialist team of engineers and will:

  • Identify potentially harmful nonstructural elements in your workplace
  • Assess the likelihood of these elements being harmful to people and your business during an earthquake
  • Fix by recommending a range of possible solutions  (if required) to minimize the risk to your staff and business

Benefits of an Earthquake Safety Audit

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