Seismic Restraint Install Services

Quake Protected Services our expert teams work nationwide installing non-structural seismic restraints and seismic bracing in accordance with NZS building compliance. In fact, anywhere there are potential earthquake hazards lurking above people's heads. 

In response to lessons learned after Canterbury and Kaikoura, particular areas of expertise include:

  • HVAC and Ducts 
  • Lighting and Grills 
  • Suspended Ceilings 
  • Partition Walls 
  • Office Furnishing and 
  • Specialist Equipment 

Retrofit and new build, no seismic bracing challenge is to big or too small. Talk to our team to find out how we can help,

Quake Protected install bracing on suspended ceilings and partition walls that mitigate the risk of failure plus comply with building code requirements and ceiling manufacturers warranties.

Quake Protected install flexible seismic restraints that significantly reduce the risk of HVAC equipment, Lighting Fixtures and Cable Trays from falling and causing damage in a quake. 

Quake Protected install robust, flexible seismic restraints that significantly reduce and protect you from  pipe damage and flooding after a quake

Questions? Need advice about installing seismic restraints & bracing?


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