Protect essential equipment and services

A Laboratory or Hospital plays a vital part in communities and must be earthquake prepared and earthquake resilient in accordance with the earthquake-prone building regime to protect public safety. 

Non-structural seismic restraints will save people inside from harm, protect the buildings and ensure life-saving equipment is available following any disaster.

Non-structural seismic restraints could protect you against:

  • collapsing stairs which could block the exit and entry pathways of the public and responders
  • failure of fire protection systems due to poor detailing may limit or reduce the capacity to extinguish fires
  • ceiling system collapsing in lobby spaces and corridors causing injury/death or blocking exit routes for people in the building
  • operational loss of critical patient life support or emergency equipment due to component damage or shutdown when emergency power fails, which will affect the ability to treat new patients arriving from other earthquake related damage.

If you are just beginning to think about what risks you have within your work or offices, download Quake Protected'shandy checklist of potential quake hazards here. It will help you identify potential hazards in your workplace. 

For a more detailed, personalised assessment, schedule an earthquake safety audit.
Our no nonsense approach, will:

  • Identify potentially harmful nonstructural elements in your workplace
  • Assess the likelihood of these elements being harmful to people and your business during an earthquake 
  • Recommend a range of possible solutions to minimize the risk to your staff and business (if required).

Questions? Need advice about installing seismic restraints & bracing?


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