Quake Protected Seismic Restraints

Quake Protected installs seismic restraints in work environments so that potential falling hazards stay in place during an earthquake. 

These cost-saving solutions manage your seismic risk by shielding people from harm and protecting vital equipment so that you get back to business more quickly.

Retrofit and new build, our expert teams work nationwide installing non-structural seismic restraints in accordance with NZS building compliance.

Seismic Solutions Tailored to your Business Needs

Whether you are taking the first steps toward identifying your seismic risk, or require a detailed plan for non-structural seismic restraints, we can help.

We consult, supply, install and certify non-structural seismic restraints in commercial and residential buildings. 


With over 200 seismic bracing projects completed, Quake Protected brings a tremendous amount of experience with new and retrofit projects in New Zealand

Cost Estimates

Based on our experiences as installers and our knowledge of best practice, in in accordance with NZS 4219:2009, Quake Protected can assist you with budget estimates during the construction and retrofit design phase.

Seismic Risk Audit

Quake Protected can identify your seismic restraint requirements, a method to meet code and a rigid process to ensure your seismic resilience needs are met.

Installation Services

Quake Protected will install seismic restraints as per the design drawings and provide skilled quality assurance and inspection of work. 

Earthquake Fasteners and Straps

We sell off-the-shelf ready-to-use earthquake fasteners and straps that have been rigorously tested by the Structural Engineers Association of North Carolina (SEANC).