Seismic Restraint Installer Services

Quake Protected Services offer a range of services such as installing seismic restraints on suspended ceilings, seismic fastening mechanical services, making offices and work earthquake ready and sourcing easy to use off-the-shelf earthquake fastening and straps. 

Retrofit and new build, our expert teams work nationwide installing non-structural seismic restraints in accordance with NZS building compliance.

No job is too big or too small for Quake Protected specialist team.

Quake Protected install bracing on suspended ceilings and partition walls that mitigate the risk of failure plus comply with building code requirements and ceiling manufacturers warranties.

Quake Protected install flexible seismic restraints that significantly reduce the risk of Air Conditioning Units, Grills & Ducting Seismic Restraint from falling and causing damage in a quake. 

Quake Protected install robust, flexible seismic restraints that significantly reduce and protect you from  pipe damage and flooding after a quake

Not sure of your obligations under the 2017 Earthquake-Prone regime and 2015 Health and Safety Act? We can help

Did you know around 70 - 80% of the total repair cost after an earthquake is usually due to damage from falling objects?

We will review your proposed plans, architectural design or new building concept and work with you  to develop a solution that best suits your individual project.

Bulk storage facilities and retail stores must consider the restraint of contents as part of their hazard identification and maintenance programmes. 

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