Innovative seismic restraint solutions for your business

New Zealand business is moving forward in becoming earthquake prepared by creating work spaces that are healthier, safer and earthquake resilient

Quake Protected source and install a range of innovative seismic restraints, braces and fastenings that save people from harm, protect property and ensure life-saving equipment is available following any disaster.

Our installation work meets the provisions for non-structural seismic restraints in the New Zealand Building Code.

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Not sure of your obligations under the 2017 Earthquake-Prone regime and 2015 Health and Safety Act? We can help
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Did you know around 70 - 80% of the total repair cost after an earthquake is usually due to damage from falling objects?
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​Did you know...

  • around 60-80% of the total repair cost after an earthquake is usually due to the damage of internal and nonstructural elements?
  • the seismic resilience of a non structural elements also has a significant impact on how quickly a building can be occupied after an earthquake?

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Bulk storage facilities and retail stores must consider the restraint of contents as part of their hazard identification and maintenance programmes. Read more>>