Stacking and shelving hazards

Stacking and shelving in a warehouse or data center can be particularly hazardous dring an earthquake if not fixed and fastened with seismic restraints. 

The Department of Labour recommends that employers should engage a professional to review the verification and certification of shelving systems to ensure they meet the requirements of NZS 4219:2009 –Seismic Performance of Engineering Systems in Buildings, which contains the current state of knowledge on the topic.

Being safety smart and Installing seismic restraints will:

  • Prevent potential injuries and damage caused by falling and moving items
  • Protect exit paths from the building and access into the building for responders
  • Reduce the potential for hazardous material spills, fires, and utility leaks

Next step?

If you are just beginning to think about what risks you have within your work or offices, download Quake Protected's handy checklist of potential quake hazards here. It will help you identify potential hazards in your workplace. 

For a more detailed, personalised assessment, schedule an earthquake safety audit.
Our no nonsense approach, will:

  • Identify potentially harmful nonstructural elements in your workplace
  • Assess the likelihood of these elements being harmful to people and your business during an earthquake 
  • Recommend a range of possible solutions to minimize the risk to your staff and business (if required).

Questions? Need advice about installing seismic restraints & bracing?


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